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Seek help. Find help. All over Austria.

Don't know what to do? If you have a problem or are in distress, the Caritas Guide will lead you to the appropriate help service or directly to online counseling - easy and fast.

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The Caritas Guide will find the right contact point, contact person or (online) counseling service for you. We can help with issues relating to:

  • Financial hardships
  • Work, school, education
  • Housing
  • Mourning & hospice care
  • Family, children, relationships
  • Asylum and migration
  • Nursing and care
  • Disability
  • Mental health
  • Addiction

In order to find the right assistance for you, we will ask you to answer a few questions. In doing so, we can provide help in the best possible way.

Find help now!

You need more information? Have a look at the list of answers to our most frequently asked questions below:


Frequently asked questions & answers

The Caritas Guide leads you to the right help service, institution or contact. First you will be asked to fill out a brief questionnaire to find out where your needs lie. With your given answers, we are able to provide you with the right help services in your area quickly and easy. Depending on your issue and the services offered by Caritas, you can choose to receive online counseling and contact us via e-mail or chat anonymously. If you wish to receive face-to-face assistance, you can make an appointment for a telephone/video interview. Lastly, we can also direct you to a page that contains helpful information for you.

Our Caritas colleagues from different organizations and social counseling centers throughout Austria are the ones providing you with assistance behind the screen. They are able to help directly and confidentially by offering various services - such as instant chat, secure mail counseling, video/telephone counseling, face-to-face conversation or providing helpful information on various topics.

Our services range from online counseling to direction to sites with helpful information - depending on which services are available in your area.

We take your privacy and confidentiality seriously. The Caritas Guide will not store any answers you give while using it. Depending on which help service you end up with, you will be informed in advance should your data be stored for the purpose of contacting you.

Your postal code helps us find the right help service in your area. We do not store this information and it is not possible for anyone to track you with this information.

In urgent emergency situations, please contact the emergency services:

  • Fire department: 122
  • Police: 133
  • Rescue service: 144
  • Euro-emergency Number: 112
  • Telephone Pastoral Care: 142
  • Emergency Helpline for Children and Teens: 147
  • Women's Helpline: 0800 222 555
  • Police Text  Message Service: 0800 | 133 133 (also emergency call for the deaf)
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