Help with your Company

The picture shows a mother and her daughter

Take on social responsibility for your company and support people in need in Austria or around the globe. The many different areas in which Caritas pursues its motto “See hardship and act against it" ensure that there are numerous concrete opportunities for you and your company to live social responsibility and to improve the quality of life in the local communities neighbouring your plants, sites and corporate offices worldwide.


The possibilities of sponsoring for companies are manifold: from large fundraising campaigns with posters, advertisements, online advertising, direct mailings etc. to personalized printed material in individually required quantities. Within sponsoring your engagement has a double effect: on the people who see our advertising and on the people who are supported by it.


Whether with a jointly designed, tailor-made and strategic win-win concept, that fits exactly to your company and brings meaningful help to people in need or with a pure donation that helps us to continue our work at home and abroad – Caritas is always looking for strong partners from the business world. If you are interested in supporting people in need we are more than happy to send you a concrete project proposal.


Your donation supports our work at home and around the globe. Choose a concrete project or provide unbureaucratically support where help is needed the most. We will implement your donation in tangible help for people in need. Projects that currently need support can be found here.


Martina Doppler

Corporate Partnerships & CSR

Srđan Janjušić

Head of Corporate Partnerships & Philanthropy