Whistleblower Protection

Reporting incidents - we take information seriously!

In all our contacts with employees, clients, partners, donors, suppliers and authorities, we strive to maintain the highest standards by acting responsibly and with integrity. Caritas firmly opposes all forms of corruption, fraud and other violations of the law. Nevertheless, misconduct can occur that calls our values into question.

If you would like to draw our attention to violations or abuses, please contact the e-mail address provided for the respective Caritas diocese. Thank you for your support!

Caritas Österreichsafeguarding@caritas-austria.at

Caritas Wienhinweisgeberschutz@caritas-wien.at

Caritas Steiermarkhinweisgeberinnenschutz@caritas-steiermark.at

Caritas St.Pöltenhinweisgeberschutz@caritas-stpoelten.at

Caritas Salzburgrechtsabteilung@caritas-salzburg.at

Caritas Burgenland: Christina Gollubits - c.gollubits@caritas-burgenland.at

Caritas Tirol: Nicole Ortler - nicole.ortler@caritas.tirol

Caritas Vorarlberggewaltschutz@caritas.at

Caritas Kärnten: Claudia Nindler - claudia.nindler@caritas-kaernten.at

Caritas Oberösterreich: Alexandra Friedl - alexandra.friedl@caritas-ooe.at