Presidium, General Secretaries and Directors

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The Caritas Bishop, the President, three representatives of each diocesan Caritas organization, the General Secretaries and members of the Caritas Austria management together form the so-called General Assembly as the highest decision-making body.

This Assembly elects from among its members the Caritas President, the Vice-President and other members of the Presidium, and appoints the Secretary General and the Secretary General of the International Programs of Caritas Austria on the proposal of the Presidium.

Dr. Benno Elbs

Caritas bishop

Nora Tödtling-Musenbichler

President Caritas Austria and Director Caritas Styria

Mag.a Anna Parr

General secretary Caritas Austria

DI Andreas Knapp

General secretary international programs, deputy general secretary Caritas Austria

Mag. Johannes Dines

Director Caritas Salzburg

Dr. Walter Schmolly

Director Caritas Vorarlberg and Member of the Presidium Caritas Austria

Mag. Alexander Bodmann

Vice President Caritas Austria and Managing Director Caritas Vienna

Mag. (FH) Klaus Schwertner

Managing Director Caritas Vienna

Mag.a Melanie Balaskovics MA

Director Caritas Burgenland and Member of the Presidium Caritas Austria

Hannes Ziselsberger BA

Director Caritas St.Pölten and Lower Austria West

Franz Kehrer MAS

Director Caritas Upper Austria

Mag. Ernst Sandriesser

Director Caritas Carinthia

Mag.a Elisabeth Rathgeb

Director Caritas Tirol

Presidents of Caritas Austria since the Second World War

Auxiliary bishop Dr. Jakob Weinbacher (1947-1952)
Prelate Hermann Pfeiffer (1952-1964)
Prelate Dr. Leopold Ungar (1964-1991)
Mag. Helmut Schüller (1991-1995)
Franz Küberl (1995-2013)
DDr. Michael Landau (2013-2024)
Nora Tödtling-Musenbichler (since 2024)