Our work and mission

The picture shows a boy in a camp

Our mission

The core mission of Caritas is to see hardship and act against it. And to stand up and speak for those people who have no voice. This means respecting and protecting human life from beginning to end and helping people in distress, regardless of their background, religion or gender to lead a dignified and self-determined life.

In Austria there are more than 1,600 projects and places where Caritas supports people in need in the areas of nursing, people with disabilities, hospices, social counseling, working for families in need, elders or asylum seekers. The Caritas – these are their full-time employees, but above all the approximately 57,000 volunteers, who dedicate their courage and professionalism to support others on a daily basis.

Because distress has a different face in every country, Caritas Austria is involved in the international Caritas network in its foreign and disaster relief, in which more than 160 Caritas organizations worldwide are serving humanity.

CARITAS AUSTRIA is an internationally operating non-profit organization (donations are tax-deductible Reg. Nr. SO1126; equivalent 501(c)(3) US organization) under the mission of the Austrian Catholic church and pursues solely and directly charitable and benevolent objectives.

Caritas in numbers


Total employees:

  • 16,384 full-time employees
  • over 57,000 volunteers in parishes and institutions of Caritas

Help for People in need:

  • 53 homeless shelters provide 2,390 beds
  • 9 mother-child-houses provide accommodation for 129 mothers and 202 children
  • 56 Caritas Social Counseling Centers offer advice and help to people in need
  • In total, Caritas supports people in need in Austria with € 85 million

Care and Support:

  • 2.2 million hours in mobile care per year
  • 47 senior and nursing homes
  • Over 4,985 people cared for in senior and nursing homes
  • 5,501 employees in stationary and mobile care

People with disabilities:

  • Over 19,000 people are cared for (part-time and full-time housing, work projects, qualification measures, assistance services)
  • 9,516 people receive social-psychiatric care (mostly counseling services).

Children & Youth

  • 463 actions, projects and events of youngCaritas
  • 3.277 young people are involved in the actionPool, the volunteer pool of youngCaritas
  • 56 learning cafés for over 2,000 children and young people
  • 960 volunteers are involved in the learning cafés

Caritas Foreign Aid:

  • Caritas Austria supported 461 aid projects worldwide in 2020
  • The total volume of this aid amounts to 35.7 million euros.
  • The focus is on: disaster relief, children in need, long-term livelihood, people on the run, rehabilitation support (reconstruction)

Donations to Caritas

  • 85 million euros were donated to Caritas in 2020.
  • Of this amount, 4.27 million euros came from the "Nachbar in Not" campaign, 320,000 euros from "Licht ins Dunkel" and 190,000 euros from the "Wundertüte".
  • Ongoing donations (sponsorships, standing orders, collections) account for 45.04 million euros of this total. 

(Status according to impact report 2020)