Our Child Protection Guidelines

The picture shows a boy in a camp

Protecting children and other vulnerable groups from abuse, violence, exploitation and neglection is a core task for Caritas.

With the help of “Child Safeguarding”, the institutional protection of children, we ensure that children are protected and safe within our own organization.

  • Employees and other persons who come into contact with children via Caritas Austria or a partner organization are familiar with Caritas Austria's Code of Conduct and Child Protection Guidelines, are trained in them and know how to behave.
  • Partner organizations have a Code of Conduct and Child Protection Guidelines and are training their staff in them.
  • Both in Caritas Austria and in its partner organization, there are contact persons for the case of complaints, who know how to act in the interests of those affected.

The basis for this is the Caritas Code of Conduct and our Child Protection Guidelines, which have been adopted by all directors of Caritas Austria. They apply to all employees, volunteers and service providers working on behalf of Caritas.

All measures that are derived from these guidelines should:

  • Protect all those affected - children, those who express suspicion and those around them - and provide a fair trial for suspects,
  • Minimize the risks for children, employees and the organization within the scope of our work and provide security for our actions,
  • Ensure that Caritas responds quickly and professionally to suspected cases and that all cases are clarified.