Tomorrow Rising Fund - Covid-19 Emergency Aid in Austria

The spread of COVID-19 in Austria confronts us as a society with unique challenges. In the coming months, even more people will need our help: single parents, low-income retirees, homeless people and those living below the poverty line, who already have barely enough to meet ends.

Even though state institutions are endeavoring to put in place a broad social safety net, the massive increase in the number of requests from people affected also means longer waiting periods prior to the granting of specific assistance. In this acute phase, rapid and unbureaucratic support is therefore needed to cover the basic needs (housing, energy and everyday costs: food, hygiene or health products) of those affected.

As Caritas Austria, we want to be close to those people in need and support them in the best way possible – now we are giving our very best to ensure that those people are not left behind but receive the support they now need much more during this crisis than ever before.

Let us not forget the weakest among us in this time of serious crisis!

Every donation helps

  • 20 Euro provides a general support for the work of Caritas in Austria in the times of COVID-19 crisis, immediate relief and long-term support.
  • 30 Euro ensures a family helper or social counsellor, who can help the whole family on the way out of the crisis.
  • 40 Euro provides family food packages for 1 week.
  • 50 Euro provides a woman and a child in a Mother-Child-House with the most necessary necessities for one week: diapers, toiletries, baby food and food.
  • 200 Euro provides bridging assistance to one families in acute need.
  • 400 Euro ensures the distribution of lunches in facility for homeless people for one day.

In the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic we heavily dependent on the ongoing support of our friends and donors. The Schneider Electric Foundation has set itself the goal of strengthening civil society organizations and ensuring response and resilience to more than half a million people thorough its Tomorrow Rising Fund.

We are grateful for this significant support to our COVID-19 relief activities in Austria and would like to thank to all employees of Schneider Electric!